To move a side, click on one non central square and drag to another square on the same side. This will rotate the section defined by those two squares in the direction you dragged. Where you let up on the mouse button determines the piece to rotate and its direction. Therefore, you have to release the mouse button while still within the piece you wish to rotate.To move the whole cube around, grab the middle square on any side and drag.


I wrote the JavaCube in March of 1996. It was my first and only large Java project, although I found that I like Java. It was written in about 25 hours, late at night while wired on real Java. As you can imagine, it has some flaws.

However, it does work. It works on the BFFI model (Brute Force and Freaking Ignorance) which makes it a bit slow. It is actually keeping track of the 26 different visible pieces inside the Rubiks Cube. So far, it is not able to save its position which really limits the fun you could have with it here. I may add this ability, but its not at the top of my list right now.

Well, when I first wrote this, I couldn't find anything like it, anywhere.  Now, Rubiks cubes have sprung up like toadstools on the web, and I've been far outclassed. Still, it was a good exercise.  Probably the best Rubiks cube applet site is Twisty Puzzles, by David Byrden. It rules.